About 8Geeks

Our name says it all – 8Geeks is run by eight experts specializing in various aspects of online marketing, from search engine optimization to advanced social media marketing, computer learning, analytics and everything in between.
Each of us has spent years learning about and working in our respective fields and our unique approach to data-driven tactics and customer-oriented services sets us apart! And despite our different backgrounds, there’s one thing all eight of us have in common: a sincere drive to help businesses grow their customer bases, reach new audiences and increase their profits, ultimately taking their businesses to the next level.

8Geeks offers a plethora of exceptional internet marketing services, but perhaps what we’re most proud of is our low budget social media advertising boost. Using a unique mix of organic channels and paid ads, we are able to drive traffic, likes, shares, followers and views to our clients for as little as $10 per month.

8Geeks is different.
We don't work with just any type of client, and we don't try to target the big accounts or go after companies who are already operating with large marketing budgets. We're looking for small businesses and companies for which we can make the most positive impact for the lowest possible budget!

So what do we actually offer?
For only $10/m, 8Geeks will create and run local ads for you on social media, post links to your business on relevant social media pages and increase the exposure and number of likes/followers and reviews your business page receives.
We're so confident in our service, that we even offer a free 30 days trial. This tiny $10 investment guarantees higher exposure to your page and a monthly compounding improvement.

Thousands of small businesses already use 8Geeks to drive traffic and customers to their pages via social media.
Start your free trial now and find out for yourself!