Save time!
8 geeks puts the social media marketing of your business on autopilot. We know your time is valuable and managing your online presence is a full-time job. Win back your precious time right off the bat by letting our team of geeks worry about your social ads.

Increase exposure!
Our micro ads improve performance and grow your audience.
Unlike other advertisement firms, our automated system tracks measurable performance indicators such as likes, followers, comments and traffic, reports the results and ensures constant progress.
No guessing work is needed - Our tracking system will show you the results on a monthly basis.

All for just $10
We focus on low cost local micro ads to promote your existing pages on facebook, Instagram and twitter. Our automated system sends targeted traffic to your social media pages and increases the number of likes, followers and engagement.
We don't work with fortune 500 companies. We cater to small businesses just like us, and keep our pricing low and our service effective.
We stay within our circle of competence: We won't put you on the cover of a popular magazine or run ads for you during the super-bawl, but our 10$ ads will get you the most effective per-dollar boost to engagement from potential customers on social media.

How we do it
Our special sauce has to do with automation of micro ads and social media knowledge. We cut out expensive manual work and let our algorithms figure out your target audience, run the ads, check the results and constantly improve over time.