Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to offer our service for only $10/m by automating the work that many other firms performed manually by paid employees. After signing up, our human team sets out the account once and than lets the algorithms take over management of social media traffic generation and ads.
You can mainly expect more likes, followers and shares on your existing social media pages. These matrix are the easiest to follow and are what our algorithms optimize for. The end results should also be a long term organic increase in exposure to new clients, although it may take longer to notice and measure this impact. Don't forget, our budget is tiny compared to traditional ad. We believe our value per dollar is the best in the world for social media boost, but our service is not meant to replace larger traditional campaigns which are offered by advertisement agencies.
During the sign up process you will be asked for the URL (link) to an existing Facebook page, Twitter and/or Instagram of your business. You do not need to have all 3, and you can always log in to your account and update, edit or add a missing link. The $10 budget of the ads we run will be invested in the accounts you do provide, so if for example you only have a Facebook group but do not have a Twitter and Instagram page, your $10 will all be invested in Facebook. If you provide all 3 links, than $3.3 will be invested in each one.